Like most wedding photographers, what started out as just a hobby soon became a dream career. After studying photography at Brighton University in the late eighties, Andrew was asked to photograph a friend’s wedding. Upon seeing the resulting pictures, a guest at the wedding was so impressed that he had no hesitation in asking Andrew to photograph his wedding. And the rest is history!

Since those early years, Andrew has honed his camera skills further still and is now a highly respected Wedding photographer in his own right. As a result of this, and a countless number of recommendations from past clients, Andrew Ball Photography has grown rapidly and has gained a reputation for its distinct and innovative style.

Andrew has embraced all of the advantages of digital photography, much preferring it nowadays to film.  In the last couple of years he has mastered the art of photo retouching, using Photo Shop & Lightroom, to enhance the images that he has taken.

“Today’s successful wedding photographer has to be accomplished in his craft & art. He also has to be a wizard at the computer, applying post production techniques. He must have strong networking skills and perhaps most importantly possess the ability to get along with people” – Andrew Ball

Beside his wedding and portraiture work Andrew also runs online photography courses for students attending Scots College, Wellington, New Zealand; and regularly contributes to photographic magazines.

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