Dave Bartram of Showaddywaddy

11th October 2012, 8:02 pm

Meeting Dave at his home in Gaulby, Leicester, was a dream come true for this photographer as I’ve always been a fan of Showaddywaddy ever since I saw them perform on TOTP as a teenager. I remember the bright coloured outfits, the dance routines on stage, and their lead singer, Dave, looking every inch the pop star, with his sunglasses and long hair which was all the fashion in the seventies.

This shoot was for a picture for Dave’s debut book, The Boys of Summer, which is due to be published this December, in hardback, by Fantom Films.  In his book Dave candidly recounts the extraordinary happenings of ten weeks touring the UK’s bucket & spade resorts.

Interestingly the book was going to be called ‘Summertime Blues’ which was a hit in 1958 for Eddie Cochran, who also co wrote ‘Three Step’s to Heaven’, which was later to become a massive hit for Showaddywaddy, in 1975, reaching No. 2 in the British Charts.

Dave told me he’d worked with many famous photographers, including David Bailey!  I wanted to impress so opted for a simple set up, using a single flash head for fill in light and wrap around silver reflectors, which I feel has resulted in attractive lighting.

It was a real priveledge to meet Dave and I wish him all the very best with his forthcoming book; and like so many fans I’d like to take this opportunity to thank him for the brilliant music he has made over a fantastic career spanning 38years.

For more information about Dave’s new book and Showaddywaddy visit www.showaddywaddy.net

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