Jakki Degg Photoshoot

On 26th January 2006, Andrew was at the Rutland Square Hotel in Nottingham for a promotional shoot with top model Jakki Degg, accompanied by her constant travelling companion, Busta Rhymes, a Pug she bought at Christmas.


Also on hand was make-up artist April Green, from the Model Academy, to add the final touches.


Jakki looked the perfect bride in her beautiful wedding gown, supplied by Elaine from Emma’s Secret Bridal Boutique on Nuthall Road, and her lovely red rose bouquet, supplied by Woods Florist of Arnold.


Local models Lee Bowler & Katie Clowes had a fantastic day as the groom and the bridesmaid. Lucky Lee said, “Working with Jakki was amazing. I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming”.


Andrew said, “Jakki was fantastic to work with and looked absolutely stunning. Everyone had a really great day and I’m truly delighted with the results”.


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